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divorce lawyer chicagoThe end of a marriage is a difficult reality to face.  But divorce is a necessary step in moving on with the rest of your life.  There is life after divorce, and as one door closes, the opportunity arises for others to open.

With a focus on solutions rather than costly litigation SK Law, P.C. is committed to disassembling your marriage in as few steps as possible.  We assess your goals, and determine the most efficient strategy, with a focus on minimizing the financial and economic cost to your family.

At the end of the proceeding, we want your family comfortable with its new structure.

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child custody lawyer chicagoOnce the child of a child custody proceeding, founder Sunney Kohlhoss brings a personal perspective to child custody cases.  She is uniquely qualified to balance zealous advocacy with the best interests of the child and family.

SK Law, P.C. has a strong track record in negotiating child custody settlements in seemingly impossible situations.  We have also accomplished great success in litigation, in the limited situations where settlement cannot be accomplished.

The skilled attorneys at SK Law, P.C. can conquer your child custody challenges, while meeting your emotional needs as well.  Our personal approach to the emotional aspects of child custody cases is what sets us apart from our competitors.  We can reach your goals, while minimizing the negative impact on your family.

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infidelityThe betrayal of a spouse is excruciating. As a no-fault state, Illinois does not allow the existence of infidelity to factor into property settlements.  However, that does not mean that your spouse’s betrayal is irrelevant.

At SK Law, P.C., we are uniquely equipped to provide the emotional and legal support you need to overcome the selfish acts of an unfaithful spouse.  Our personal approach to the emotional aspects of divorce sets us apart from our mechanical competitors.  We provide around-the-clock support to our distraught clients, and have the best psychological and psychiatric contacts in Chicago to help you through this trying time.

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Complex Financial Matters

divorce complex financial mattersFounder Sunney Kohlhoss began her career at a law firm that provided forensic accounting.  She is uniquely qualified in the investigation of mismanaged funds in the context of affairs, gambling, unilateral investing, or whatever the offense may be.

SK Law, P.C. has experience in matters requiring the division of businesses, or identifying the accurate income of a father who works for a family business.  No matter how complex, SK Law, P.C. has the tools to resolve your financial complex case favorably for you and your family.

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Property Distribution

distributionThe division of real and personal property can be a stressful and emotional experience.  SK Law, P.C. is equipped to protect your interest and allow you to claim ownership over what you deserve.

From your home to your toaster oven, SK Law, P.C. will ensure that you awarded what you are entitled.

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Domestic Violence / Abuse

domestic violence attorney chicagoIn her six years of practice, Sunney Kohlhoss, Esq. has assisted dozens of abuse victims escape seemingly impossible situations.

She has built solutions for her clients while focusing on their physical safety and mental well-being.

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Orders of Protection – Defense

order of protection attorney chicagoSK Law, P.C. has built a strong reputation in defending against baseless orders of protection and no-stalking and no-contact orders.  Founder Sunney Kohlhoss, Esq. builds custom-legal strategies to ensure that baseless orders of protection are defeated, no matter the strength of the claim.

Through zealous litigation tactics and hard-lined negotiation, SK Law, P.C. can defeat your baseless order of protection proceeding so you can proceed with your reputation in tact.

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Orders of Protection – Petitioners

Restraining Order Chicago

protectionSK Law, P.C. has built a strong reputation in obtaining ex-parte Emergency Orders of Protection and Plenary Orders of Protection.  We have a caring and compassionate history of dealing with the victims of abuse and can succeed in protecting you from further abuse.

We also have a high success rate in suspending visitation where the abuser is also the father of the Petitioner’s children. We will protect you and your family.

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Dissipation (Wrongful use of marital money)

dissipationFew things are more disheartening than the use of marital money for a non-marital purpose.

You are entitled to reimbursement if your spouse has wrongfully and without permission utilized marital money for non-marital expenses, including without limitation affairs, gambling, egregious spending.

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Child support

child support attorney chicagoSK Law, P.C. has an extensive history in handling a variety of child support issues.  We can maximize your child support award in a number of complex situations, including cases where income is not easily ascertainable.

If the father of your child is hiding income, we will find it.  If he is minimizing his income, we will expose it.  We will ensure that you receive child support in amount that is commensurate with what you and your child deserve.

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Visitation – Protecting Your Child

visitationSK Law, P.C. has a strong history in protecting children from abusive or dangerous parents.  All parents are entitled to visitation, however visitation must be structured to ensure that the children are adequately protected.

SK Law, P.C. has built custom strategies for a variety of clients faced with uncertainties and potential dangers in the context of visitation.  We will ensure both you and your children are adequately protected when we set visitation.

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Visitation Interference

interferenceSK Law, P.C. has experience in litigating visitation interference.  As a non-custodial parent, you are entitled to see your children and spend quality time without the interference of the custodial parent.

We will ensure that you are able to exercise your rights, even where the custodial parent is motivate to interfere with visitation.  We will get you the visitation rights that you deserve.

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Alimony / Maintenance

alimony attorney chicagoThe dissolution of a marriage raises many difficult financial questions.  If you are accustom to a certain lifestyle that was established based on your spouse’s income, you may be entitled to receive maintenance (formerly known as alimony).

SK Law, P.C. has a strong background in obtaining favorable maintenance awards for our clients who are dependent upon the support from their spouse.  We will ensure that you receive the maintenance (formerly alimony) that you deserve.

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Pre / Post-nuptial Agreements


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annulmentSK Law, P.C. has successfully obtained declarations of invalidity of marriage (annulments) in a number of challenging situations.  We have successfully obtained annulments, even in cases where the parties resided together for over a year following the marriage ceremony.

We understand that not every scenario calls for divorce.  We will help you obtain an annulment if you entitled to one under the laws of Illinois.

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College Expenses

collegeIllinois uniquely offers rights to the children of unwed parents.  Children to a divorce or paternity action are entitled to contribution to college expenses.

If your child is eligible to attend college, and the other parent is refusing to contribute, we will assist you in obtaining contribution to expenses to ensure your child gets the education that he or she deserves.

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